Accept Damage Waiver. $5.00 charge per day up to $25.00. By agreeing to the Rental Equipment Damage Waiver, renter will not be personally liable for damage to the Equipment up to $500.00. This includes cracks in the plastic body, damaged wheels or steering column.


Decline Damage Waiver. I understand that I will be personally responsible for all damage to the Equipment other than normal wear.





Damage Waiver Terms and Conditions



The optional damage waiver is not an insurance policy. The waiver covers only damage to the equipment up to the amount of $500. Any damage that exceeds this amount will be charged directly to the renter. The renter is not responsible for minor wear and tear damage such as paint scuffs or scratches. Should the renter decline the damage waiver, then he/she would be responsible for all damage that may occur to the rental equipment.