ScooterBug Guest Renter Policies


Credit Cards: ScooterBug Inc. accepts most major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, & AmEx) as credit identification and payment at the time of reservation and rental. 


Payment Terms: Credit cards do not get charged until a renter pick-ups equipment, except in the cases of Cancellation (see Cancellation Policy) or if a renter fails to “Cancel” their reservation prior to delivery.  The full amount of the rental is charged at the time of pick-up.  Any over charges or late fees are the responsibility of the renter and would be charged once the equipment is returned.


Cancelation: A renter may cancel their reservation 48 hours prior to delivery at no cost to the Renter. In the event Renter cancels this order after 48 hours from the reserved rental period, Renter will be charged a cancellation fee of $30.00 per rental device. The Renter will be charged the full rental amount should they fail to cancel the reservation prior to delivery. Reservations may be canceled online at or by calling 1-800-726-8284.


Liability: The Renter is liable or responsible for the loss of or damage to any property, equipment left, lost, damaged, stolen, stored or transported by Renter, its agents, servants, or employees, or any other person on the scooter, either before or after the return thereof to ScooterBug Inc.. Renter assumes all risk of such loss or damage and waives all claims against ScooterBug Inc. by reason thereof and Renter agrees to hold ScooterBug Inc. harmless from and to defend and indemnify ScooterBug Inc. against all claims based upon or arising out of such loss or damage.  Renter assumes all risk and liability for any loss, damage or injury, including death, to persons or property of Renter or others arising out of the use, operation or driving of the rental equipment.  If the Renter chooses to decline the damage waiver the Renter will reimburse ScooterBug Inc. for the full cost of replacement upon demand for any damage, loss, theft, or destruction of the rental equipment. The Renter understands and authorizes that ScooterBug Inc. will charge the credit card used for any repair costs or the replacement costs of the rental equipment. Damage waiver does not cover equipment that is lost or stolen.

ScooterBug Inc. assumes no liability or responsibility for any acts or omissions of Renter or of Renters agents, servants, or employees.


Delivery Schedule:  Your selected delivery time must be a minimum of TWO (2) Hours beyond the time when you book your reservation.  The earliest delivery time for ALL reservations made between 7 PM and 11:59 PM (EST) will be 10 AM the next day.  The earliest delivery time for reservations made between Midnight (12:00 AM) and 8 AM (EST) is 10 AM on the same day.


Service Calls : In the event that ScooterBug has to dispatch a driver to do a service call for the renter due to operator error, the renter will be charged a fee of $30 during the hours of 8am-7pm and $50 during the hours of 7:01pm and 7:59am. If the service call is due to equipment failure then the renter will not be charged a service fee.


Damage Waiver Terms and Conditions:  The optional damage waiver is not an insurance policy. The waiver covers only damage to the equipment up to the amount of $500. Any damage that exceeds this amount will be charged directly to the renter. The renter is not responsible for minor wear and tear damage such as paint scuffs or scratches. Should the renter decline the damage waiver, then he/she would be responsible for all damage that may occur to the rental equipment.


Renter Age:  All guest renters must be 18 years or older to rent equipment.


Renter Weight:  A renter must provide ScooterBug, Inc. with an accurate representation of their weight prior to completion of their reservation. Weight must not exceed rental equipment weight limitations. For more information on specific weight limitations, please refer to the “Equipment Information” pages by clicking on the images found on the Reservation Page or by clicking on the following product links:    Scooter Info   Wheelchair Info   Stroller Info