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ScooterBug will ensure your stay in Orlando is fun, convenient, and easy to get around by providing the most complete selection of scooters, strollers and wheelchair rentals in the area. As the World’s leader in Mobility Equipment Rentals, ScooterBug can be trusted with the best service for mobility scooters, wheelchairs, and children single and double strollers. We offer all of our customers:

  • Newest and Widest Selection of Products
  • Easy and Secure On-line Reservations
  • Disney Featured Provider
  • FREE Drop-off/Pick-up
  • Best Pricing in Orlando
  • 24/7 Service & Support
  • 10% Discount for pick-up,
    1-Minute off Exit 4 from airport

...And Select From Any Of These Mobility Rental Products


These scooters offer an ease of use that makes getting around large properties simple, and fun!

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Standing ECVs
Standing ECV's

If you like moving effortlessly through heavy traffic, you'll love it even more standing upright!

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Every parent knows keeping kids happy makes for a great day out. These strollers are fun!

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We have large variety of accessory selections making your rental experience fun and unique!

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